Mysteries of the Universe

Unknown Creatures

Seen all around the world.

Throughout the world we find countless eye-witness accounts and remnant evidence suggesting unknown creatures roam in the wilderness. From giant human-like mammals to giant flying birds and monstrous sea animals, the unexplored regions of the Earth invite curiosities of man to find a lost or secluded species to once in for all answer unexplained encounters with unknown creatures.

Many eye-witness encounters allude to prehistoric creatures believed to have disappeared off the face of the Earth along with dinosaurs during the last mass global extinction event. The problem with assuming these creatures died out can be found by examining known animals roaming the planet today. Crocodiles, birds, certain mammals and plants are great examples of life that survived the mass extinction and continues to thrive today.

These modern animals tend to be much smaller versions of their distant historical relatives which science attributes to changing environmental conditions over the years, narrowing their territorial size requirements for survival. Numerous overwhelming strange sightings throughout the years of animals thought to exist such as Big Foot, Nessie, and Mothman highly suggest cryptid animals may really exist due to consistencies in sighting reports and trace evidence discovered in or around the sighting areas.

For thousands of years our ancestors passed along stories of odd creatures living among them and today those traditions continue. If life exists or not elsewhere in the universe is a true mystery, but it's also worthy to ask if alternate forms of life exists right here, on planet Earth. Many reports flock to the masses with increased access to modern technology in today's society, and a good number of those reports suggest the possibility that we're not alone on this planet.

Our ancestors were great story tellers, but we know that every story requires some sort of influence, a seed to be nourished and grown. Ancient legends have purpose even if we're not quite able to understand that purpose at this moment in time. Whether the point was to warn of danger, or to educate future generations, our ancient ancestors left us with large amount of information to work through. Although we may not be able to take these myths and legends in the literal sense, many of them still suggest the possibility life was not the same thousands upon thousands of years ago. ∞