Mysteries of the Universe

Creative, alternative, and esoteric philosophical concepts of existence.

J.C. Vintner's second volume of the AWM series examines a much larger perspective of existence. Mysteries of the Universe contains selected ancient philosophical influence on the world while keeping focus on mankind's position in reality as we know it as a motivational approach. Explore new age philosophy, thinking directly via the mind's eye, find out how we can change our future. Mysteries of the Universe provides food for new age thought as compelling inspiration for understanding our quantum purpose in the cosmos.

Reality is a misconception. Throughout the course of life we are given signs designed to help us along the way, and even if those spiritual signs seem to steer us away from immediate desires, many believe they keep us on the correct course when listened to. However we attempt to determine the true purpose of life, why we're here, or where we came from, we discover in our own hearts that we're on Earth by no accident all. It's a reason beyond explanation by any scientific formula with no words capable of encompassing the vastness of beauty it portrays. Life might not have started this way billions of years ago, but it has brought us to this moment unconditionally.

Energy endures through thick and thin. Even-though we are partway through our own lives, our souls may feel as weathered as the moments after a long journey. They're very much alive; Wide awake in harmony with the ultimate serenity of our universe. Science and spirituality share similar concepts in the quest for truth. Undoubtedly we must explore every last possibility, be it science or spiritual in nature, before claiming anything is impossible. We are human and we are the only animals on planet Earth with a completely unparalleled form of intelligence. ∞