Mysteries of the Universe

Conspiracy and Secret Societies

Hidden groups of people influencing the world.

Some of the most controversial topics facing the world today revolve around secret societies and conspiracies tied to underground organizations. There is no question that hidden groups of people have isolated themselves from mainstream society for centuries in order to carry out executive decisions and achieve set goals. A group of people meeting in private opens itself to speculation, hearsay, and presumptions when those on the outside do not have a clue as to what's going on, especially if the actions of the organization affect the day to day lives of large numbers of non-members.

Individuals held in high regard by mainstream society, and/or wield a significant amount of societal influence and power, act as magnets attracting attention to the organization. Proceedings on a daily basis may be uneventful and mundane, yet depending on the personality of the individual in question, conspiracy theorists perceive them as mischievous and conniving. Power and control manage to rest in the roots of non-member perceptions. Secret societies often rely on forms of hierarchy, symbolism, and coded messages. In fact, they're so closely intertwined with deceptive matters in order to remain secretive that they inadvertently breed ideas of conspiracy without having to lift a finger. ∞