Mysteries of the Universe

Secret Messages

Follow the trail to unlock

J.C. Vintner has encrypted a secret message in his Mysteries of the Universe (2012) book. Inspiration of the message developed from research of occurrences of the number seven in biblical texts and their significance to our existence. The content found within Mysteries of the Universe provides clues to subsequent clues which must be followed in a proper order to obtain a cypher capable of decoding the message on this page. With a correct cypher, the message can be pieced together to unveil an astonishing mind-altering hidden complexity about human life.

The cypher is encrypted within text and paragraph sequences of specific denomination relative in both size and scope, beginning on the first page. Follow the clues to play along, and note careful attention to a numeric topic in order to draw the next word in sequence. Once each number is collected, use the cypher to decrypt the following phrase for the answer: